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Bridal Preview Information

Why is a Bridal Preview Required?

To take the guessing, what ifs and stress out of your wedding morning! The bridal preview not only gives us the chance to meet before your wedding day but also gives you a glimps into the future of how you will appear on your wedding day. It allows time for you to evaluate every detail of your hairstyle, make changes, add extensions or decide on another style entirely. As a result, you walk into your wedding day 100% confident in yourself as well as your stylist.

Hey There Bride to Be!

Here are some things you will need to know for your upcoming preview:

1. Make sure your hair is clean and completely dry upon arrival.

2. Please do not wear your hair in a tight ponytail, braid or any style that causes deep creases to be formed in your hair.

3. Be sure to bring all hair accessories that you would like to have included in your hair style. For example: Decorative hair pieces or pins, hair extensions, veil, etc…

4. I recommend wearing a white or neutral colored top & makeup to compliment your hairstyle as if it was your wedding day.

5. Be sure to bring a couple of inspiration pictures! You can text or email me inspiration pictures before your preview.

6. Bridal Previews are 1 1/2 hours long.

7. Feel free to bring someone along for a second opinion. Please do not bring more than 2 people with you.


All Bridal Previews take place at the Robin Hill Farm & Vineyards Bridal Suite located in Brandywine, Maryland. The address is 15800 Croom Road, Brandywine, MD, 20613. When you arrive, there is a house and a smaller building directly on your right. The bridal suite is in the lower level of the smaller building. There is a sidewalk & signs that will lead you down to the bridal suite. Feel free to call or text me when you arrive. I am so excited to meet you!


- Sydney Thomas

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